Sarah Palin’s Foxy Move

Yesterday (Jan. 11), Fox News announced that former Alaska Governor and 2008 GOP Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin would join the network as a contributor.  Palin said in a release that she was “thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at Fox News. It’s wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news.”

While this match between Palin and Fox News will probably translate into further mammoth ratings for the already top rated cable news network it’s a huge risk for the former Governor. 

Palin, who many view as a leading 2012 presidential candidate, has already had a rocky relationship with the television camera.  Her interview with CBS’s Katie Couric (seen below) during the campaign illustrates the on air hurdles that she has to over come.  Though Palin has much more experience in front of the camera during her media blitz after her memoir Going Rouge was released, she still has left a lot of uncertainty and concerns with the American people.

In opening herself up to scheduled media appearances, even on the more friendly confines of Fox News, Palin is running a high risk of harming her brand.  Many American’s love Sarah, but she has as many detractors, both groups will tune in to see if she is a success or falls on her face.

The former Governor must prove to viewers that indeed she has the intellect to be a national player; I say this having been a huge supporter of the Governor during the campaign.  Additionally, it’s essential that Palin show that she can handle issues with more depth than a simple update of her Facebook status. 

For Palin’s Fox News endeavor to be a success and to spring-board her political career forward, America needs to see a person that is confident and articulate.  Additionally, Palin needs to display that she has a strong command of the issues and that she can discuss them with ease.

No doubt Sarah Palin will cause people to turn their televisions on to see what she is saying; however, only time will tell if it will be worth their time.  I see great potential in Palin, but she still has a lot to prove in a short time span.

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  1. Peter

    Well put, Matt.

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