Brown Breaks Through in Bay State

Last night in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the political landscape of the country permanently shifted when Republican Scott Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley in the special election for the open US Senate. 

Scott Brown ran perhaps the best run political campaign in the last half century, including the one ran last year by President Obama.  He ran as a person that was willing to roll up his sleeves and put in the time and miles to gain the support of the voters.  That hard work is what voters are yearning for, they want to see someone that will work for them as opposed to someone who is looking out for special interest, and that was Scott Brown in this election.

The results from last night have and will continue to reverberate throughout the halls of Congress.  Virginia Senior Senator Jim Webb (D) put out a statement last night saying that he “believe[s] it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated.”  Also, there are reports that now the House doesn’t have the support to move forward with a health care bill.

It’s clear from the results last night that there is a political wave in motion against the Democrats.  Yesterday’s wave took out the third Democrat within 2 months, Creigh Deeds in Virginia and incumbent Governor Jon Corzine in New Jersey.  If Washington DC Democrats don’t take note of what the American people are saying in November the wave will cause them to suffer the same result that Coakley saw.

Finally, this was a devastating lose for President Obama.  He spent the Sunday before the election campaigning for Coakley.  In the wake of out of last night’s election, Obama needs to reconsider his policies as it is clear that they are not popular with the American people.

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One response to “Brown Breaks Through in Bay State

  1. Mark O'Malley


    As a fellow political junkie, a friend of mine forwarded me your blog and I followed your election night coverage very closely. I was very eager to read this morning’s post and after doing so it got me thinking.

    You wrote that Brown’s campaign was the best one of the past 50 years which I would totally agree with. I was curious though, what would you consider to be the best campaign of the 50 years prior?

    Personally, I’m torn. I’ve always felt that Harding’s 1919 campaign was one of the most brilliant campaigns that this country has ever seen. After the tremendous victory in WWI, you would think that the Democrats would have all the momentum going into the election year, yet Harding and the Republicans won in a landslide. The only other campaign from the years 1910-1960 that I would even consider being so well run would be George Smathers defeat of longtime Senator Claude Peppers in the 1950 Florida Senate race. With all the controversy and red scares running rampant at the time, Smathers campaign defeated a longterm sitting incumbent by resorting to “smear tactics” that are so commonplace today. Would you even go so far as to say that that campaign even set the tone for today’s political climate? Anyways, I’m just curious what your thoughts are on this issue.

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