Left-Wingers Turning Looney

In wake of the stunning election of Scott Brown to the US Senate last week it’s interesting to notice the change taking place with the left-wing of American politics.  Some, including this blogger, would say that the left-wing of American politics has lost the ability for intellectual thought.  For examples of this lunacy I point to all places MSNBC and Chris Matthews show Hardball.

Our first example of the Left gone wild comes from former Vermont Governor and DNC Chairman Howard Dean and his explanation of the results of the Massachusetts special election.

One would think that someone who is medical doctor and also served 12 years as a governor would be able to have a feel of what the American people are saying.  But clearly from his interview with Matthews, Dean has shown that he, and the rest of the Left, has no clue what the American people want. 

Our next example of how the Left is losing their intellectual faculties comes from Florida’s 8th District Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson. 

You can see that Chris Matthews, a long-time top aid to former Democratic Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill, has to educate the congressman from Florida on the basic rules of congress.  Congressman Grayson is someone who does a good job at representing what the Left of this country is…clueless.

I usually disagree with the coverage on Hardball, but I will give Chris Matthews credit for bringing some truth to the Left wing loons.  It’s apparent that after their traumatic lose last week in the Bay State the Left is dazed and confused on what the American people are telling them.  Also, it’s clear that they might be turning a little loony as their rhetoric is foolish at best.

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