Palin’s Palm Problem

On Saturday evening former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin spoke to the Tea Party Convention in Nashville, TN.  She spoke the supportive crowd for about 45 minutes and then proceeded to take questions for 15 minutes from a moderator. 

In her speech Palin railed against President Obama’s constant use of a teleprompter among other things.  After the speech a photo of Palin showed that on her left palm she had written topics to remember to cover in the speech and during the question and answer session. 

Courtesy AP

Courtesy AP

Palin’s left palm illustrates the many problems that she has in becoming someone who the American people can call their leader, or as some wish the President.  In throwing a stone at Obama it’s clear that she was in a glass house as she relied on her palm rather than a teleprompter to answer questions.

Moreover, this shows that Palin still has trouble with the big issues and that she has no strong foundational beliefs.  Anyone who seeks to speak out on any issue should be able to to talk about them with confidence.  Having a check list of things to remember makes Palin look like she belongs in the minor leagues.  

It’s apparent that if she wants to stay in the big leagues of politics that she must better command the issues and be able to do so without writing on her hand like a student in elementary school.


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5 responses to “Palin’s Palm Problem

  1. barryb

    yea right, and our Obama teleprompter is getting very dim. Truth is you lefties fear her because you attack her. Try addressing the issues just once. No can do huh…dems lose on issues so just attack the person. She is in the big leagues already and has a following that will roll over the Marxists occupying the WH.

  2. Matticus Rex

    Barry, hate to call you out, but Mr. Walton is anything but a “leftie”. I can understand why a man who on occasion makes multiple speeches a day would need a teleprompter. I cannot, however, understand in a logical sense why an unemployed woman who is being payed $100,000 for an hour of speaking couldn’t take the time to memorize the damn speech.
    Next time you’re bent on accusing a blogger, check his background. You should probably also realize that some conservatives just don’t like Sarah Palin, and it’s not because they’re part of a progressive conspiracy against her.

    • It is odd to me that Matt would fall into this line of criticism of Palin or any politician.

      Reagan was reading the newspaper at age three but critics tried to paint him as dumb.

      Dan Quayle was considered a brilliant young congressman then senator until he got painted as a mental midget after being named a candidate for VP.

      George W. Bush had a degrees from Harvard and Yale but was painted a know nothing country bumpkin.

      Gerlad Ford was the most decorated athlete to become president; yet he was made out to be a clumsy.

      Meanwhile, Al Gore made a D in environmental science and is treated as a scientific genius as he consistently distorts science.

      Six or seven words written on a hand isn’t comparable to a teleprompter. It is common for politicians to use note card to remind them of points they want to make or help keep them on message. Obama’s reliance on the teleprompter is unprecedented.

      Palin, for example, spoke at length on energy based on the word energy reminding her of the points she wanted to make. This doesn’t show a lack of command of the issues. It just shows a desire to remember to hit on all the points she wants to make.

      Using the line of thinking of these critics, the “light weight” Abraham Lincoln could be criticized for writing out his speech on the back of an envelop as he traveled to Gettysburg. Actually the day after the Gettysburg address the Democratic-leaning Chicago Times observed, “The cheek of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly, flat and dishwatery utterances of the man who has to be pointed out to intelligent foreigners as the President of the United States.”

  3. Cindy

    She’s quite smart in using her palm, rather than taking chances with a teleprompter, which may or may not function properly.
    Which of us doesn’t need a reminder from time to time? Even when it comes to important matters, such as “pick kids up at 3:30, Johnny’s Dr. appt. Wed – 10:30. Parent/Teacher conference, Tues – 7:00pm.”

    Palin’s option was the best, hands down…

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